Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Single Skein September

Do you listen to podcasts?  Do you listen to knitting podcasts?  And more over, do you listen to Stash and Burn by the wonderful Jenny and Nicole?  They do this great thing called Single Skein September which is a self motivated challenge to knit with as many single skeins (or a couple small double skeins) and get as many finished projects as you can during the month.  It's a great way to power through some of the beautiful single skeins you picked up on vacation over the summer and maybe get some small holiday knitting gifts done early or a little something for yourself for the upcoming cold months if you live in the northern hemisphere.  I am in full SSS mode right now casting on with abandon.  I'm almost done with a great pair of mitts made from some deep stash leftovers.  I have finished a great, super bulky hat that knit up in 2 hours.

It came out cool enough for my daughter to claim it so that's a victory!

But back to podcasts.  I love talk radio having grown up listening to the CBC and NPR.  I still love those stations but I don't live on the Canadian border anymore so I have to get those via podcast feeds.  But I also love that I can look up any interested I have, from knitting to Mac computers, and usually find a someone willing to talk about it.  The one topic that stumped me was some kind of modern day chariot racing that someone mentioned to me one day.  We couldn't find a podcast on that but give it time and someone will come forward to produce it.

In the meantime, I'm off to finish those mitts and maybe one or two more of the single skein projects I've cast on so far this month.

Happy Knitting!

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