Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Favorite Stitch

Do you have a favorite knitting or crochet stitch?  Do you have a go to stitch or one that you just love to create, design with, and wear?  Debbie Bliss seems to have a thing for seed stitch.  Elizabeth Zimmerman was a fan of garter stitch.  I'm no Debbie or Elizabeth but I do have a favorite stitch and it's this . . .

K1, yo, K2tog

It's sort of a ribbed faggot stitch although I think technically the faggot stitch is ssp but one of the reasons I love this stitch so much is that it's so soothing to actually knit it and k2tog is smoother than the purl.

And I love the product.  It's light an airy but has enough structure to hold up.  I use it for scarves mostly and to date have knit at least 10 projects using this stitch.

Do you have a favorite stitch?

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