Monday, March 26, 2012


We just got back from our Family Ski Trip.  It's an annual family reunion of 30-40 people who love to ski and hang out.  Each year there's a little something fun and quirky.  Sometimes there's a holiday like St. Patrick's Day or Easter and there's always something fun to do with that.  This year we knew the weather would be warm so one of the cousins brought lei's for everyone to wear skiing.  I've been croknitting those hats (see The Post with No Title) and they go very quickly so I got the harebrained idea that I should knit hats for everyone for next year's ski trip.  I figure I have a year to come up with 40 or so various hats for ages 5-75 and for both men and women.  I'm not under the false impression that everyone will wear a hat but I think it would be very fun to have a bunch of fun hats for people to choose from.  The lady cousins loved the croknitted hats so I'll do some of those and it will be lots of fun to come up with ideas.  40 hats in 52 weeks - am I nuts or is this fun!

Can't you see fun hats next year?

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