Thursday, January 12, 2012

Flying with Socks

I've been spending more time sucked into Pinterest lately than actually knitting or otherwise crafting.  And just now I should be asleep!  2 hour snow delay but since they call me to make sure I know about the delay even though I've already checked it online I'm awake and I can't get back to sleep yet.

I'm still working on my friend's vest as well as picking away at a pair of socks that I pulled out of the UFO bin.  I took them with me last weekend to my parents house when I returned their car to them which we had borrowed.  I then had to fly home on a 12 seat airplane.  Well, I didn't know that they were going to take my largish carry on because there wasn't enough room for my knees let alone a bag.  Thankfully I had my sock knitting right on top of the carry on because I snatched it out and clutched it tightly as I got up into the plane.  I even grabbed the single finished sock.  Why?  Did I think if the plane went down maybe I'd have so much done that I'd need to measure for the toe?  The flight was only an hour long and I had just finished the heel so why I thought I needed the finished sock is beyond me but I was very, very glad to have my knitting and we took off and the Indian Jones music started playing in the background.  The plane was so small that they had to ask one passenger to sit in the co-pilot's seat!  The woman who drew that straw did NOT look pleased about it.  Some other information of note about flying on those itty bitty planes:
  • There's no bathroom so watch your tea intake before the flight.
  • They weigh your carry on.
  • Then they ask how much you weigh. This is not the time to be coy about your weight. I think the person checking us in was keeping a running tally on a scrap sheet to make sure we didn't go over the limit.
  • You feel turbulence much more in an itty bitty plane.
  • Yes, they have "those bags" in the seat pocket in front of you.
  • No, I didn't have to use one of "those bags."
  • On a clear day you can see all of the Adirondacks and Upstate NY geography and it's beautiful!
  • All 4th graders should get a free ride on a Cape Air flight over the Adirondacks on a clear day as part of their New York State studies.  Don't you think field trip budgets would cover that?
  • You see every twitch the pilot makes when you're sitting right behind him/her and you wonder if he's trying to keep himself awake like you do when you're driving and you're tired OR if he's too warm in the sun but he doesn't want to ask the disgruntled woman in the co-pilot's seat to help him pull that first sleeve off while he's driving OR he forgot to use the bathroom at the airport OR he has the shakes for some other, unknown reason that you don't want to speculate about.
Cape Air - I highly recommend it. Good prices, nice people, reliable.
Considering that this is the second time I've flown in 12 years I was pretty proud of myself and thankful I had my sock knitting with me.

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