Sunday, December 4, 2011

Get a life or Got a life?

I believe this little project:
is what's often derisively referred to as having too much time.  Or, "Man, that lady needs to get a life!"  Today I had the sumptuous pleasure of sitting and making up these cute little critters for my kids for their advent tomorrow.  They'll get the clues out of the advent calendar and then have to find their critters.  The little guys didn't take long at all to make and in fact I made them right in front of my daughter who I didn't think would notice at all but apparently she's been paying attention because she said, "Are those on your Christmas knitting list?"  Hhmph!  I can add something to my list on December 3rd if I want!

And what are the holiday seasons for if not to spend a couple of hours creating something with my own hands that may give my children a chuckle and something warm to squeeze and make faces at.  What are the holidays for if not to sit and crochet and look at the tree while reminiscing over silly things my kids have done and all the ways that I love them.  This is actually, in my opinion, the time of year to slow down and smell the wool.  I don't need to get a life.  I've got a life.

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