Sunday, October 9, 2011

Here it comes . . .

I was in a store a week and a half ago and the man at the checkout seemed a tad too gleeful when he told me that Christmas was just 12 weeks away.  Meanie!  So guess what I'm knitting.  Christmas gifts!  A sweater for my niece that is not going very well.   I had picked a baby-surprise-type but I don't think it went really well with my Plymouth Happy Feet yarn so I ribbited the hours of work, consulted with my mother by borrowing my daughters awesome ipod with the camera right on it and emailing 5 different pictures of patterns to her and have restarted the sweater.
I felt that the colorway of the Happy Feet wasn't really conducive to garter stitch and without actually being a striping yarn it didn't lend itself to the Baby Surprise pattern.  The new pattern is a stockinette stitch cardigan with smocking on the front near the shoulders.

However, I have an awesome vest almost done.  I just need to insert the zipper so I think I'll take a break from the holidays tomorrow and finish that vest.

Are YOU holiday knitting?

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  1. Great colour for your niece's vest! I have lots of Christmas knitting plans but only a couple of them started. I need to get knitting!