Monday, October 10, 2011


I was interested today to discover that I seem to be in a period of extremes.  What made me think this is that I first favorited this excellent neckerchief/shawlette pattern, Outlaw by Celeste Young.  I love the look of the pattern but really love that it's done in worsted weight rather than the usual sockweight for this kind of item.
Then yesterday I discovered the beautiful Shearwater pattern by Megan Marshall.  This one is a cowl in laceweight.  I slapped myself on the head and said, "Why didn't I think of that!"  Such a great idea, it's gorgeous, and its done in laceweight instead of the usual worsted. 
Thank heavens for these creative designers.

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  1. I am not much of a crocheter but I do like the Outlaw pattern.