Monday, August 1, 2011


I've just begun Stephen West's Chadwick from Westknits Book One and I am enthralled already.  I didn't skimp on the yarn for this one and that always helps make the knitting a more enjoyable experience.  I'm using Malabrigo Sock in the velvet grape colorway and Periwinkle Sheep in the avocado colorway.

Unfortunately the photo doesn't show the strand of silver going through the green but when I get to the large patches of green I hope they'll sparkle a little.  Fun colors!

While I was at the yarn shop I was also considering a light purple to go with the Malabrigo but in the spirit of Stephen West's vision for the Chadwick, "Clean lines and asymmetric sections accent beautiful yarns and high contract color choices," I went with the high contrast.  This is also my first time knitting with Malabrigo and yes, it's as soft as they say.  

And this leads me to the conversation we had at the yarn shop about Stephen West.  We were wondering at how we were all interested in knitting at least half of the patterns in each of his books.  As we looked at them we were trying to figure out exactly what Stephen West does that makes his patterns so appealing.  

The patterns themselves aren't so very complicated and yet they are not boring.  Certainly Mr. West has a color sense that's unique to him.  One of the best examples of that for me is his Piece Out hat.
I love this hat and I can't wait to cast on for it!  Such a simple idea, the addition of a bright, happy color into a smart looking hat.  Not too hard to knit, not too easy and it looks great on!  Really I think this is one of the things that makes a Stephen West pattern uniquely his own and so much fun.  Color, but not too much, in just the right places.

While Mr. West uses wonderful yarns in his patterns one of the nice things about his snatches of color here and there are that these patterns are great stashbusters!  I've got some yummy little bits of yarn that I haven't wanted to part with and now I've got a beautiful vehicle to use them.

During our conversation in the yarn store we also remarked that most of the patterns are accessories.  That was another of the things that we decided make the patterns so appealing.  We really could think of knitting half of the patterns in the book because  they won't take months to complete.  So many of them can be completed in a week or even a weekend!

The shop owner summed it up as Knittability.  Stephen West's patterns are very, very knittable.  I would add to that creative.  Creative Knittability!  Check out his books if you haven't yet.  You could get hooked too.

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  1. I like the colours you are using for the sweater. Looking forward to seeing more pictures.