Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Crafts old and new

I've been knitting and while I've been knitting old crafts have been gifted to me and new crafts have been discovered by my 8 year old.  You've got to love summer!  

In older crafts check out the beautiful bag my Dad brought to me.  He found it when he was cleaning out his garage last week.  He had a couple of boxes of his mom's things and this was one of the treasures in the boxes.  

I'm sure she made the simple bag.  It's a velvet material with a cord drawstring.  But the most special part for me is the stenciling which she was a professional at - as you can see from the closeup of the front of the bag.  She did it all free hand and even wrote several books about it.  And the back side has a nice little miniature.  I absolutely love it and it will become a special treasure for me.  Here's to you Grandma Coffin.

In newer crafts my daughter has discovered duct tape crafting.  First she made herself a couple of prototype wallets and then this double-pointed knitting needle holder.
Which I also absolutely love and which will become a special treasure for me.

But she moves quickly, my daughter, and finished this excellent woven duct tape wallet.

Now my husband and son and I want woven duct tape wallets too!  That'll keep her busy tomorrow.  After that ? . . . .

What have you been crafting?

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  1. That bag is beautiful! Can you stencil too? What an amazing thing to be ableto do! How big is it? You could store your needles in it. :)

    Love the duct tape wallet. A friend made one for me years ago in high school. I think she learned how to do it at summer camp. I wanted to know how to do it so badly!

    Obviously, I am new to your blog. I'm always looking for a craft blog to follow. Check out mine and follow too if you'd like. Cheers!