Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I know I've been tired.  I know I've been burning the candle at both ends.  I finished teaching a class last week and promptly got a summer head cold from stress and exhaustion.  I know these things and more but it became blazingly clear to me this morning when, despite ignoring warning signs since I started the Holden on Sunday, I FINALLY realized that I was doing it wrong!

I've been working on the Holden shawlette which starts with a big old section of stockinette and increases.  FOUR increases on each knit row.  4.  Apparently I knit the first 8 or so rows correctly and then spaced the yarn overs at the start and end of each knit row.  Not only did I stop making them but at least five times I looked at the holes at the start and end of my first few rows and wondered why they were there.  I kept asking myself, "Really? I forgot to move my yarn from front to back when I switched from knit to purl?"  Seriously, I asked myself that at least 5 times.

Then I noticed that the stockinette section was looking very triangular.  I mean at least 10 times I pulled the top edge of the shawl straight trying to figure out how it was going to end up straight up there.  I got it that I had knit the small rectangle and then picked up on 2 edges and it was going to be straight but this thing was a freaking triangle!  I looked at the pattern 2 more times wondering if I was going to end up binding off a straight edge and then picking up along the triangle border for the lace.  I mean, what the heck?  But nope, I was following the directions so I kept knitting EVEN THOUGH I had already knit way more than 44 repeats of the 2 rows and I was getting nowhere near the 198 stitches.

And I kept knitting.

This is where I stick my needle in my eye.

When I realized I wasn't going to have enough yarn for the darn thing I stopped yet again.  I took a very, very deep breath and decided to look at the directions to see if maybe, just maybe, I was missing some increases.  And what do you think I saw.  K3, YO, knit to center stitch, YO each side of center stitch, knit to last 3 sts, YO, K3.  Yup.  In none of the 438 times I re-looked at that pattern did I notice the yarn overs that accounted for the mysterious holes at the beginning of my shawl.

My mother sat appalled as I ripped about 250 yards of sock weight stockinette and calmly put it down.  Then I went and cleaned because that's what I do when I'm stressed or angry.  Although to look at my house you'd think I'm the most calm, happy person around.  I cleaned and then I began again.

So I'm just going to keep knitting and sing this:

May your knitting be more successful than mine has been this week.


I just had to look up the word antipodes both because I haven't been able to figure out how to pronounce it and I didn't know what it meant.  It means, "the opposite" of something.  I'm not sure what this sweater is the opposite of but I know I like it.

I guess it's part sweater and part capelet.  This Antipodes was made out of some old yarn I've had in my stash for a good 6 years!  I got the button at a garage sale last year and I think it plays up the vintage look of the sweater.  Now I just have to wait for the weather to cool off so I can wear it.