Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Scarves

I'm on a spring scarf-a-thon.  How did I never realize that you can wear scarves in spring?  How did I miss this awesome trend.  I was talking to a friend at work who was telling me how great her son's girlfriend looks in a t-shirt with a scarf and I became obsessed with the idea and had to knit this . . .
Bali Sky yarn by Mango Moon
Garter and Drop Stitch Pattern

It took me about 3 hours to make and I wore it with a black t-shirt on the first warm day after I had finished it and I was thrilled.  It IS fun to wear a scarf in spring.  It was still cosy without being hot and just fun, fun, fun.  Of course, some of that fun is the yarn itself which has great spring colors.  I've had this yarn for several years, er, some time and I couldn't figure out what to do with it because it's a little heavy for a full garment and it's really not my colors.  But as an accent piece - perfect.  So now I'm making them up in droves.

Bali Sky yarn by Mango Moon
Garter with a pointed end

Like this:

And this one which is the Bali Sky held with Mango Moon's Capelli.  The Capelli is a neat elastic yarn developed by Mango Moon to help the heavy sari-recycled Bali Sky have more stretch.  It was a surprise to me but it really works.  However, it also makes the scarf a fair bit heavier than the others.
Bali Sky and Capelli by Mango Moon
Ribbed Faggot Stitch with a Ruffle added to each end
These are brainless knits but I'm really okay with that.  I'd like to start a sweater with some gorgeous alpaca/wool blend that my folks gave me for Christmas but I'm not that motivated yet.  Spring scarves are fine for now.

I think a crocheted spring scarf would be great too.  Maybe I'll bold and try to up my crochet skills another notch.


  1. I LOVE dressing up a plain tee with a great scarf. You're is really cute!

  2. Great scarf. Love the colours!