Monday, April 4, 2011

Ribbed Scarves

What is with me and the ribbed scarves lately?  I seem to have forgotten how much ribbing draws in no matter how hard I try to remember it.

First there was Aunt Mehlinae's Scarf which I blogged about recently finishing.
Mehlinae's Scarf
 It was based on the Jared Flood Noro but mine was in Bulky yarns!  So while Jared calls for casting on 39 stitches on a size 7 I cast on 25 on size 11s and thought it would be wide enough. Nope.  I added a crocheted edging all a round it to make it a bit wider.  It looks good - probably better than without it but it wasn't the plan.

So then there was the Stash Scarf which was sock yarn and probably should have been about 60 stitches wide but I thought knitting it on a 6 would make it drapey enough and loose enough to keep it from ribbing up too much.  Nope.  So I blocked it to within an inch of its life tonight and I got it 5 inches wide if I "let" it stretch wide.  It might bunch to slightly more narrow if left to its own devices.  I can't see putting an edging around this one like I did with Mehlinae's scarf partly because I think I might otherwise be able to give this to a man and partly because I don't wanna.  The verdict is out.  I will finish all of the multicolored sock yarn in this one then see how much green I have left and decide then.

Stash Scarf
And yet, I'm still crazily attracted to the Noro scarf.  I'm beginning to think that the only thing I can do to cure myself is go splurge on 4 skeins of real Noro and actually knit one according to the directions.  Good heavens, would I even do a gauge swatch for a scarf?!  (Did you know that's an interrobang?  If you write it "!?" would it be a banginterro?)

I have this crazy idea that I'd like to knit scarves for gifts for co-workers next year and I love knitting scarves.  You can be creative and silly and frou-frou or not and use up stash and put things together in fun ways and then have fun matching up the perfect scarf for each person.  It's knitting beautiful rectangles of fabric - without shaping (mostly) or sewing and they can be simple stitch patterns or complicated.  I only hope I still have a job after the budget vote next month.  Keep your fingers crossed folks.  Being a new employee in a school system in this economic climate is a tenuous place to be.

And now - back to the knitting.

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  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I don't think it's crazy to knit scarves for people. One year, I knit four of those Noro scarves. THAT is nuts!