Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fountain Hat

I watched the movie The Fountain today which I've wanted to see ever since knitting The Fountain Hat by Katie Himmelberg.  (I'm a linking King tonight, no?).  When I read her description of the movie that inspired the hat I knew I wanted to see it and I found it on my Netflix on demand and amazingly had 1 1/2 "kids otherwise occupied" hours today so I sat down with those dratted sleeves and knitted and watched.

The movie isn't easy.  It wasn't easy to hear at first and it was quite hard to follow at first.  It is a pretty love story and decent exploration of the theme of acceptance of death although on the theme of death it was a little like being hit over the head with a 2x4.  When our main character, Tommy, spouted that, "death is nothing more than a disease and I'm going to find the cure for it!" I couldn't help but draw a parallel to Anakin's misguided angst over his mother's death which of course let to his downfall when he didn't save Padme.  It was a poorly written line in what was otherwise a decently well written movie on a well worn topic.  I loved the way Izzi's manuscript was Tommy's story (and hers) and the way it was used as the device for exposition.  Once I got the hang of switching between the 3 time periods I loved the juxtaposition of the Spanish inquisition with the traveling in the stars.

Rachel Weisz played her part so incredibly well.  She made Izzy's grace and acceptance of death believable without being sickly sweet or trite about it.  I liked Hugh Jackman better in the Spanish sections and future sections than the present day.  I think Jackman overplayed the theme just a bit - thus the "hitting over the head with a 2x4" feeling.

The special effects and lighting in the movie were unique and interesting.  It's dark most of the way through with the theme of stars carried through each time period - hanging candles in the castle during the Spanish period and candles and lights around the house during the present time period.  So if you imagine you're squinting your eyes throughout the movie, it all takes place in the stars.  If you've watched the movie, I love to hear your thoughts on the ending.  Did he finally accept death or defy it?  Maybe I missed something but I'm not sure.  Or are they and have they always been together and always will be and he's just figuring that out?  Also, I really want one of his spaceships.

Having watched the movie explains a lot about the hat.
There is a lace pattern that sort of flutters into chaos and then nothing as it moves up the hat.  I really didn't understand it while I was knitting it even though I had read the designer's description and explanation in the magazine.  But having seen the movie I totally get it now and I'm glad I didn't modify it to make it more symmetrical even though that thought crossed my mind while I was knitting it.

I gave the hat to my sister-in-law because she likes blue.  Now I think I might like to knit another for myself!

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  1. Haven't seen the movie yet, but now I want to. I also want to knit that hat! Awfully nice of you to give it away, and yes, you SHOULD make one for yourself, now that you've seen the movie.