Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby Blanket Rush

Oh dear, our neighbor's baby has arrived and I am still toiling away on the dishcloth blanket out sock yarn.  What, I ask you, was I thinking?
Here's evidence that the baby is here.
In my defense, she was due on the 11th but I suppose you can't argue with a baby who's ready to arrive.  A girl, I assume, which is good because although these colors are okay either way, it might be a little towards pink for some folks for boys.
But as you could see from picture #1, we are having a snow day today so no work so MORE KNITTING!  I just have to clean that darn kitchen.  And stop blogging about computer stuff.  And I need to pick an edging to add.  Since the baby's a girl I think I'll go with something lacy and garter-stitchy from Nickey Epsteins "Knitting on the Edge" which I love.

Happy knitting day!

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  1. That is such a pretty blanket! Lucky you for the snow day. It's just gray and yucky here. Means I have no excuses.