Sunday, February 27, 2011

Am I Going to Blog Again?

Well, who knows the answer to that question but tonight I feel like writing so I am.

I've finished so much since then that it would be silly to try to talk about it.  But I like this hat out of the only handspun I've ever made.
Do you like my little model?  It's a doll of my daughter's that she doesn't play with but this doll has an awesome sized 6 month head so I've held onto her for the sake of modeling knitwear.  And another really neat thing about her is that she's wearing a sweater that was knit for my mother as an infant!  How cool is that.  (And look Mom, I didn't even say what year or anything.)

I'm working on so many projects right now and having the hardest time focusing.  I really want to finish my daughter's sock yarn sweater.  It's going to look great and be the perfect weight for her but darn it's taking a long time to knit.  I'd love a sock yarn sweater of my own but I can't imagine how long that would take.  Of course, it would be better if I had done it in the round and maybe if I do one for myself that's what I'll do.

I find I don't like waiting for work to start again at the end of vacation.  We had a lovely and restful vacation at home during which time my daughter and I recovered from long, dragged out winter illnesses and my son rested and recharged.  I love being home so much and I loved having time to reconnect with the knitting universe.

My Mom has also been quilting up a storm.  Here's just one of her beautiful creations.

Is that not amazing!  Yeah Mom!

I also stumbled upon the book Soul Pancake this week and bought it and have been really enjoying the thinking.  Of course, having time to think is key.  If you're not familiar with Soul Pancake, check them out at or find the book.  They're on Twitter too.  I haven't jumped in online yet but I've been lurking on their Twitter feed this week.

And a fun techy tip today?  If you like playing with photos check out  No login, no download and lots of fun.  I use it with Kindergartners to 5th graders and the other teachers and  I have tons of fun with it too.  Take the picture of the baby hat for example.

Cute and it took me about 2 minutes.  You can have a lot of fun on this site.


  1. Looks like talent runs in the family!

  2. awwww super cute hat, good effort on the handspun!

    and your Mom's quilt is amaaaazing... wow

  3. Thanks Jelli and rubbishknitter!