Monday, April 19, 2010

Jim's Poetry

I love having the kids write the blog posts.

To A Hungry Young Man
By Jimmy Stagnitti

Inspired by William Carlos Williams’ To a Poor Old Woman

wolfing down pizza at the
dining room table with the box
of pizza right next to him

He is hungry
He is

hungry. He
is hungry

You can tell because

he ravenously eats
slice after slice

right out of the box


a comfort of pizza
the scent filling the air

He is hungry

And then this
Kitchen Music
By Jimmy Stagnitti
Inspired by Arnold Adoff’s Street Music

T h i s r e s t a u r a n t
t h e

a l w a y s
n o I s e

the whoosh of
water going

down the drain
the clanging

from the dirty
pots in the

thwacking from cutting
boards and bubbling water

and the fizz of
waiters pouring

drinks for thirsty customers
and chefs and waiters
chattering in all

v o c a b u l a r i e s



cooking language

c o m b i n e d w i t h

the chattering

the vroom of
wheeled vehicles

passing by on
the interstate

mixed with the
unbearable noise of

cars and trucks
honking their
horns because
they want service

the building
w i t h
t h e

a l w a y s
n o i s e o f
t h i s  r e s t a u r a n t:

Kitchen Music.

In knitting news the Buttercup Tee is done but I'm having a xh*$%^ of a time getting the ends sewn in so that they don't show because the yarn has such beautiful stitch definition.  It won't be warm enough to wear it tomorrow anyway but I hope to get a picture to post.

How Bears Got So Vicious

How Bears Got So Vicious

By Cassidy
Once there were four friends and it was nearing winter so they went to find someplace warm to live in. First Bear and Cheetah found a miniature den that they could live in. Then Elephant found a small shelter that he could dwell in. It was really near winter now and Kangaroo didn’t have anyplace to live yet. Then she found a vast den that she could live in.

After a while it was the middle of winter and the friends of Kangaroo got very jealous because she had the biggest den. Poor Elephant had icicles hanging off his trunk and tail. He was very snowy because his shelter was not very sturdy and it was breaking. So he went to ask Kangaroo if he could live with her. She said, “Yes.” When Bear saw this he went to ask if he could live with them too because he thought it would be fun to be all in one big den together. Of course, he would invite Cheetah if he got to live in their den. But they said, “No, because you have more fur than us and you can stay warm.” So Bear went back to his smaller den. The next day Cheetah went to ask and they said yes because he didn’t have as much fur as Bear.

Bear got very furious at this because his friends wouldn’t let him be with them just because he had more fur. He went out of his den one day. When Cheetah saw that he was out, Cheetah went out too. Bear was still very angry so he hit Cheetah! Cheetah fell into the sticky mud and he wanted to wash himself off so he went to a nearby ocean where he washed off. Elephant was getting worried about Cheetah so he went out to see what happened. He didn’t find the ocean at first because it wasn’t in that clearing. First he found Bear. And Bear hit Elephant too! Elephant fell into the mud just like Cheetah. He wanted to wash off so he wandered around and found the ocean.

Meanwhile Cheetah was talking to Whale in the ocean. Whale said, “You might want to go over to the other part of the ocean that doesn’t have any fish. You wouldn’t want to open your mouth to drink some water and get a fish in your mouth and choke. The other part of the ocean has no fish so that’s why I suggest you go over there.” So Cheetah went over to the other part of the ocean. Elephant found the ocean and went to the same part that Cheetah had gone to first. Whale said the same thing to Elephant. So Elephant went over to the other side of the ocean where Cheetah was.

Kangaroo got worried also, just like Elephant, but she wandered off to find an ocean because she was getting thirsty. She found the ocean that Cheetah and Elephant were washing themselves off in. Kangaroo asked, “What happened? Why didn’t you come back to our den?” Elephant and Cheetah told the whole story about how they got hit into the mud and wanted to wash off and they told about the Whale and what she said.

Once Kangaroo was not thirsty and Elephant and Cheetah had finished washing off they went back to the den and visited the Whale lots of times. But Bear stayed in his den for a long time because he was still angry and sad that his friends would not let him in. That’s why Bears are always vicious.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not Blogging

I haven't been blogging for a while because I was skiing and knitting.
Lurv the Buttercup t-shirt I'm working on.  Here's the Rav Linky since I can't copy my own picture off Ravelry and I'm too lazy to get up and go to the big computer to write this post and the picture is actually on the big computer.  Maybe I should be uploading to Flickr but I can't get myself to do one more step.
Meanwhile, although I haven't been blogging I talk to the blog in my head.  Hmmm, this would be interesting to write about.  Or that.  Or the other thing.  Whereupon the ideas promptly go out of my head and I keep truckin along.
I've also been going through all my knitting magazines and giving away those that I don't know why I'm keeping.  I've only kept a couple for the articles.  The rest that I'm choosing to keep have a pattern or two or more that I love which would normally give me a huge case of startitis but I love the Buttercup so much that I'm pretty focused.  Up until 2005 or so I'd say Interweave Knits is winning the day but after that Vogue Knitting seems to be coming on strong.  I think it would be fun to choose my favorite magazine of all and if I get time to do that I'll share.  I've been giving the cast-offs to a couple of friends at work who knit and they're enjoying some of the articles if not the patterns.  Cast On magazine and Knitters magazine seem to be not my style at all.  I saved 1 Knit 'N Style for an awesome Berrocco pattern that I'd love to make and wear but it wasn't on Ravelry so I can't queue it.  I tried to queue my favorites but lots of them weren't on there.  Oh well, that's why I'm keeping the mags, right?  I seem to be into colorwork right now.  I know I might like a pattern out of these magazines some time in the future because tastes change, right?  But there are so many patterns coming out all the time that I had to get rid of some of the dead weight.  I'm still going through them so if anyone wants them let me know - I'll mail them to you. 
In other news - bad bad bad bad sad allergy season for DS.  Who wants to keep their child inside all spring in the great weather!  It stinks.  It's very tough at work right now with the kids but there's great support from my higher ups.  I'm also bummed that Caprica is over for the season and as of last night Human Target is over for the season too!  What shall I do?  Any recommendations?
And now I've stayed up way too late.
Have a good night.