Thursday, July 8, 2010

Water Wars

I'm still working on the River Socks.  I have one done and have started the second.  It should go pretty quickly.  I was also able to do 3 rows on my Maplewing while I was at the River but as unblocked lace really doesn't look like much I won't add another picture here.  And I wound my purple Malbrigo sockweight into a ball so I'm ready for my Kai-Mei's (Rav Link) as soon as I finish Mom's socks.

There was also a nice yarn crawl with Mom while I was up north and I really love the selection of yarns at Misty Hollow in Potsdam.  I got sock yarn for DD's Johnny Boy (Rav Link) which I hope to have done in time for her birthday but that might be a stretch.  I also got a sock yarn for myself there and another at Fiber Options in Renssalear Falls.  More on that when I have pics.

Or more vacation madness.  Of which there was lots and I don't know where to start.
There were fish and chips and Tiger Tail ice cream.  If you've never had Tiger Tail ice cream you're really missing out on one of the wonders of the world.  It's orange ice cream with stripes of black licorice through it.  Well yes, you have to like black licorice but if you do this stuff is absolutely the best.  And of course what makes it even more special for me is the only place I've EVER seen it the ice cream stand on Blockhouse Island in Brockville, Ontario.  If you ever get there you must give it a try.
There was jumping off the cliffs into the St. Lawrence Seaway Channel.
That's 7 yo DD taking her first jumps off the lower cliffs with DH and I.  Honestly, is there anything better to do on a 95 degree F day?  I don't think so.  But DS isn't a jumper so he took the pics.  You float down the channel a couple hundred feet keeping close to the cliffs so you don't get pulled too far.  Then you climb up the rocks to get back on the island. 
And there were Water Wars.  I've never seen this elsewhere either but this can't be the only place that has it. 

First you fill your balloons.  Then you load up and prepare to fire at the other side.

And you end up looking like . . .

I will fully admit to ducking out of the firing range several times to keep from getting utterly soaked which, according to the posted rules of the game, is a no-no and opened me up to jeering and cat calls from the crowd and my family.  The crowd was quite nice about it.  My family, not so much.  I'm sure they'll never let me live it down.

And so I spent what will probably be the hottest days of Summer 2010 fully enjoying the St. Lawrence and all it has to offer.  And knitting.  And buying yarn.


  1. I would have been on the shore with DS. I don't even get on step stools! Looks like a blast though, and that ice cream sounds interesting. I'm not a big licorice fan but I'd have tried it. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  2. Thanks. Yup it was all fun and yummy. Now it's back to eating healthy and home stuff, which is good too.