Saturday, June 19, 2010

Various and Sundry

I yarn binged this week.  Caught a sock yarn sale at Jo Anne Fabrics on Patons Kroy (a long wearing standby for me) and Sensations which I haven't tried yet but it gets good reviews from Roue on the Knitcents Podcast so that's okay by me.  First I went to the yarn section of the store and there were 2 bins.  One was a butt ugly colorway but I still picked it up for a while.  In a fit of sanity I put it back down.  The second was my second favorite colorway evuh.  I picked up all 3 skeins and figured I was good to go.  I went up to the registers to pay and there, waiting, just for me, was a basket of MORE sock yarn on clearance.  With 4 more skeins of my 2nd Fave colorway and bunch more great ones.  Oranges and Greens - SUCKER . . .  Pinks and Blues - FOR MOM . . .  I picked through it.  Then, damn her, the check out lady at the other register saw me pawing through the basket and said, "Hey Honey!  There's another whole basket of that stuff over here."  Crap.  It was on sale cheeeeep in fun colorways and I bought so much that I'm not posting a photo.  Seriously.  It's embarassing.  But I'm loving the preprinted sock yarn so much for knitted baby gifts that I apparently, obviously, damn the groceries and let them eat . . . well . . . pb&j's I guess, couldn't resist.
Check out the Johnny Boy and hat I just finished. 

And I love Phazelia's Mitred Sweater (Ravelry Link) too.  So what's to stop a girl from buying a boatload of sock yarn on sale?  Just sayin.

My 7yo wants a Johnny Boy too and I think I got enough of a great red/black colorway for that.  Sweeet.

However, I was looking for the buttons for the Johnny Boy and it dawned on me (rather, it slapped me in face) that if I NEVER buy another craft supply in MY LIFE my kids will still be trying to sell this stuff at the Estate Sale.  Really, can I burden them with that?  So here's my plan.
Knit something out of my scrap yarn.
Knit something out of my scrap yarn.
Share - give away - use.
Never go to Jo Anne Fabrics again (muhwahahahahahaha)*
Repeat between *. . . *

Get the idea?  Anyone need anything?  A belt buckle?  Buttons?  A Kilt Pin (or four)?  Beads?  Needles?  Embroidery Floss? and don't get me started on the non-fiber crap I'm saving either for crafts that I never have time to do because I'm a Knitter in Motion (thanks Knitajourney.)  Seriously.  Contact me. 


P.S. Happy Father's Day tomorrow to all Dads.  You are wonderful.


  1. A person has a lot of yarn. And that's a problem because...? That hat and sweater are so cute. Who could resist buying the yarn to make more? NOT ME!

  2. Did not know JoAnne's had sock yarn!! I'll look for it, and thanks for the tip....