Thursday, June 24, 2010


It's here - the last day of school. My youngest is home playing basketball in the driveway and the older guy will be back soon. I love having them home. I love planning fun things to do and having Star Wars marathons and Monopoly games on rainy days. When my whole family is home my world is at peace so there's lots of that in the summer even if we have to wait for my husband to get home in the evening. I know - June Cleaver all over again but that's just how it is for me - with maybe the Dead for the soundtrack instead of The Toy Parade.

Here's my brainstorm for the kids finding things to do this summer without me having to orchestrate everything.

It's filled with slips of paper that have ideas of things to do written on them. Everything from Have a Pretend Christmas (seriously, cookies, a big dinner, a gift for everyone - why the heck not) to Jigsaw Puzzle. Some are things that cost money - most are not. Some are the toys we have that never get played with, some are places to go, card games, jigsaw puzzles, libraries, parks, hikes, you name it. So far it seems to be working with both kids - even the 12 year old who I thought might be a little old for this. But I put ideas in there for bigger people too, like Change All the Songs on Your Ipod or Make Optical Illusion Photos. (Check out these good instructions eHow Optical Illusions Photos.) And my 12 year old is a good guy, generally up for anything as long as he can bring a book just in case.

Oh, and did I mention that I'm going to do some knitting? Duh! I'm in the Christmas Monthly Make Ahead group on Ravelry and although I make big plans in January that I don't seriously intend to keep I get an awful lot done during the year by having a list of ideas. I do have 1 out of 3 kid blankets made out of Lion Brand Homespun for my brothers kids so I'm doing the next 2 this summer for sure. Plus I love making them. I want to finish that gorgeous Alpaca pullover that has been dormant for, um, several months. I'd like to have it for work next fall when it gets cool again. So that's 3 projects. I don't want to tie myself down too much because I like to let my mood direct my knitting.

How funny is this. Younger one just came in and said, "I'm hungry and I want to do a craft. Can I have some clean scissors to cut a tortilla into a snowflake?"

It might take some practice but it's fun!

Here's hoping everyone has a great summer.  I'm going to do some knitting.

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