Monday, June 14, 2010

Ode to a Shrunken Sweater

Ode to a Shrunken Sweater

Merino Wool
a gift
Stitches formed in the hotel
looking at the majestic pine tree and
the orange sunset of April warmth
in the mountains
then ripped out and begun again
Forty hours come and gone in
Pleasant Pastime
Soft and supple caressing my skin
Joy and Comfort
But what is love for a thing?
Let go
You are shrunk


  1. Oh no! Can you felt it a bit more and turn it into a pillow or a purse? Such a pretty color.

  2. Yes, I pulled it back out of the garbage and am pondering what to do with it. I'm thinking about a pillow with some embroidery in honor of my Mom who is fabulous at embroidery and she and my Dad gave me the yarn.

  3. wow, it is like a mini death, isn't it? I shrunk a pair of hand knit sox and am still grieving...

  4. Yup - but I'm over it now and planning the pillow. I'm going to knit another Buttercup. I really did love it and the construction is cool.

  5. A felted knit need never go to waste, handbags, purses, spectacle cases, iPod/phone covers - the list of potential metamorphoses is almost endless! Good luck with the pillow.