Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lack of Proofreading

Please note:  Any proofreading errors in the following are not the fault of the writer and can be attributed to severe sleep deprivation and exhaustion.

One non-stealth stealth sock is done.  I kept thinking it was taking me forever and amazingly it is in fact a bit long but the recipient's foot is longer than mine so perhaps it will do.  Nonetheless, I left the toe without sewing the end in just in case I need to rip it out and make it shorter.  I hope to start the second sock as soon as the second child is tucked in tonight.  I'd love to have them done by Mother's Day but with my upcoming schedule I'm doubting it.  I have 5 hours of driving to do tomorrow which I don't begrudge at all but I haven't figured out how to drive and knit yet.  When will someone invent the autopilot car, please.  Or better yet the transporter.  Still, hope springs eternal.  When these socks are done I have about 348 projects I want to start and about 5 to finish.  Does that ever happen to you?

I'm really really really enjoying the Knitajourney podcast.  Every episode has some nugget of thought provoking interesting something-or-other in it for me and I love it.  First, I am a Knitter in Motion.  Something must truly come in the way of my knitting for me to stop - and leaving the house doesn't usually count unless it's today when I had to take 2 kids to the same Dr's office at 2 different times requiring driving all over the doggone county.  I couldn't take them both at once because there was State testing going on and my concientious son wouldn't miss his test for the world.  The Dr. did a double take when I showed up the second time.  However, I had a lovely luncheon at Pannera with my 7 yo and some shopping which was also delightful which is great because I usually hate shopping.  After shopping we stopped for a short visit and a friend's house.  She's also a knitter and about 6 months ago I taught her to knit socks and she's been on a big sock bender ever since.  Guess what, I had no knitting with me.  I think it was making her uncomfortable.

Which leads me to another force of nature that can put me off my knitting - sleep deprivation.  Sing it loud folks.  I don't care how old your children get, when they're sick and up in the night you don't sleep much and you get just as tired as you did when they were infants.  Maybe I get more tired because frankly, I'm older too.  Proof of this is that I went out to buy them some shorts, t-shirts and jammies for summer in between Dr.s appt and discovered that the pjs were a size too big and the 2nd pair of shorts for my son were 3 sizes too small!  Further proof is that I left my house for a known Drs. appt, lunch, stopping at a knitting friend's house AND I HAD NO KNITTING WITH ME THE WHOLE TIME.

The stray neighborhood cat hacking up a hairball and howling on the deck outside our bedroom at 4:00 a.m. didn't help either.  Just sayin.


  1. One word: chauffeur. Ha ha! And yeah, that sleep thing is huge. In my 'hood, it's the coyotes. Spooky. Try sleeping in a totally dark room (one with no windows) and see how much sleep you actually need. It's probably more than you think.

  2. Yes, I'm a 9 hour a night girl ideally. I loves my sleep.