Monday, April 19, 2010

Jim's Poetry

I love having the kids write the blog posts.

To A Hungry Young Man
By Jimmy Stagnitti

Inspired by William Carlos Williams’ To a Poor Old Woman

wolfing down pizza at the
dining room table with the box
of pizza right next to him

He is hungry
He is

hungry. He
is hungry

You can tell because

he ravenously eats
slice after slice

right out of the box


a comfort of pizza
the scent filling the air

He is hungry

And then this
Kitchen Music
By Jimmy Stagnitti
Inspired by Arnold Adoff’s Street Music

T h i s r e s t a u r a n t
t h e

a l w a y s
n o I s e

the whoosh of
water going

down the drain
the clanging

from the dirty
pots in the

thwacking from cutting
boards and bubbling water

and the fizz of
waiters pouring

drinks for thirsty customers
and chefs and waiters
chattering in all

v o c a b u l a r i e s



cooking language

c o m b i n e d w i t h

the chattering

the vroom of
wheeled vehicles

passing by on
the interstate

mixed with the
unbearable noise of

cars and trucks
honking their
horns because
they want service

the building
w i t h
t h e

a l w a y s
n o i s e o f
t h i s  r e s t a u r a n t:

Kitchen Music.

In knitting news the Buttercup Tee is done but I'm having a xh*$%^ of a time getting the ends sewn in so that they don't show because the yarn has such beautiful stitch definition.  It won't be warm enough to wear it tomorrow anyway but I hope to get a picture to post.

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