Thursday, March 18, 2010

Now Where's that Mojo?

And we are done with the 72 cup cozies.  They came out brilliantly and the staff at the school just loved them. 
I wish I had a picture of all of them because it was kind of impressive but it just didn't work out that way.  But you get the idea. 

So we finished them on Tuesday and since then . . . nothin'!  Okay, Wednesday was St. Patrick's day (and the 27th anniversary of my first date with my husband I might add :) and by 8:30 I was ready for bed.  I only stayed up until 9:00 so I could finish watching Human Target with Mark Valley, my new favorite show.  (Well, after Caprica on the SciFi channel.)  It's a good guys/bad guys show in the old fashioned way.  There's no psychological profiling or creepy music or rape or children getting hurt or kidnapped; all the reasons I can't watch most of the other cop shows out there.  This one is more in the vein of Rockford files with a little technology and ninja and spy stuff going on.  It's all very clean and the good guy always wins although he has some dark past that's slowly being unveiled.  Plus I went to high school with Mark which is just cool.  It's on Fox at 8:00 Wednesdays in my lineup but if you get a chance and you like this kind of show I highly recommend it.  You can click to watch old episodes.

But I digress from the projects.  I didn't pick up any needles on Wednesday and almost didn't today because I was so busy cleaning and what not.  I mean that refrigerator!  How does all that crap get in the bottom of the freezer!  It wasn't even food.  I think.  I hope.  But it's clean now and we have food again so I took a break with my daughter before her big learning fair night and tried to knit.  I took a whack at the Quickie Cowl (Rav Link) but although I like my yarn and I like the pattern they didn't like each other.  So I ripped it.  And I didn't even pick up anything else.  Truly, I'm baffled.

But there's sooooo much to do around the house with Spring apparently coming early.  I mean really, what's with 60 degree (F) weather in mid-March in upstate NY.  That's just wrong.  Where's our snow!  Tomorrow I have to go out and rake the winter crud out of the lawn.  I'm giving myself 8:30 to noon to do it then I swear I'm taking an hour to knit.  At least I'm hoping I'll want to knit by then . . .

I took a browse through my Ravelry page to look at WIPs and that was a bit inspiring.  There are things in there I'd like to work on.  Only time will tell.  I'm not in danger of completely losing my mojo.  I hope.

Tonight's musing is a "Favorite Thing" a la Jackie at the KIPing it Real podcast and Dr. Gemma of Cogknitive.  My favorite thing today, and a short rant, is homemade vegetable stock.  Homemade veggie stock rocks.  It tastes so good, has no sodium if you choose and costs about $.50 to make.  So why oh why do they charge $3.50 per hermetic container for veggie stock in the stores.  When you add together the reduced packaging, the healthier product and the incredibly cheaper cost it just makes no sense to buy stock in the store.  It took me about 5 minutes to get the old veggies out of the fridge this morning, fill the pan with water, peel an onion and throw it all in and I've got the equivalent of 7 of those hermetic containers made out of veggies that would have gotten tossed otherwise.  Now I know that to get the finest veggie stock you're supposed to use quality vegetables but my life doesn't usually work like that and what I got today is fantastic.  I'm making vegetarian hoppin' john in the crock pot next Monday and vegetable soup and rolls one day next week so I'm just as thrilled as can be.  Yummy goodness.  Those Dove Bliss white chocolates aren't bad either.  Just sayin'.

P.S. Hi Mom!

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