Friday, March 26, 2010


I had a day of tea and sunshine, cooking and knitting.  I signed up for the Goddess Tea Club and got my first installment last week. It contained a lovely smelling herbal tea called Fir and a small baggie of a Summer tea and a really gorgeous teacup and saucer and today was finally the day to try it.

Can you see the steam coming off the cup in the right hand picture?  The aroma was just amazing and the sun was shining on the table and I sat in the sun and drank this incredibly delicious tea and treated myself to a stupendous half hour of Peace and Quiet.  (The kids were upstairs playing legos.)  I drank the Fir and it did remind me of the forest with a slight mint taste and was very flavorful without being overpowering.  To be honest, the smell was so strong that I wasn't sure what it would taste like but it was just amazing.  I can't wait to let my husband try it.  And look at that beautiful Japanese china teacup.  I don't own anything so delicate and lovely so it was such a beautiful surprise to find it in the box too.  This is not a paid ad but if you like tea I recommend Goddess Teas and you can find her at  Plus she's a knitter.  C'mon.

I'm continuing to chug away at the i-cord border of N's blanket and I love it.  I'm also starting to think about which project I want to take with me on vacation.  Oh so many choices but I think it might be one of those yummy yarns I put in a post a month or two ago.  Beginnings.  There's a quote from the movie Dune that I like about beginnings but the one from the book doesn't apply so much here.  That's what's great about beginning a knitting project.  There's not so much committment  in it because you can always rip out and start over or reuse.  Still, the time is gone but what a nice way to spend time.

And cooking.  I'm cooking pre-vacation and made some dinner rolls which came out a little funky probably due to the whole grain white flour I used and I made sauce in preparation for putting together the eggplant parmesan tomorrow.  I'm using my Mother-in-law's incredible recipe except that hers includes meat and I don't eat meat.  But I'm still including her secret ingredient which I was only given about 5 years ago (22 years into knowing this family) when she was ill and couldn't make the eggplant for the Family Reunion in the summer.  I can't reveal it here but I'll let you know next week if it works without meat or not.  And waffles.  Gobs and Gobs of waffles were made today. 

My Mom says I was born a generation or two late and she might be right because for me this was the perfect day.  Domesticity Rocks!

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