Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And I'm Back!

It took a ski day to get my mojo back because as uninspired as I've been I could not, in a million years, think about riding in a car for an hour doing nothing with my hands.  So I pulled out my nephew's blanket in Homespun and after a few frustrating minutes trying to remember the pattern, because of course it wasn't in the bag, I got my mojo back and I got a good 15 inches done on it today.  Yeah! 

It's interesting that this came up now because just Friday while I was raking leaves I was listening to some podcasts that I was behind on.  I listened to Belle of the Ball episode 94, The Mood Ring of Knitting.  She talked about how she was stressed recently and hadn't been knitting because of it.  So I kept wondering if the same applied to me. There's been stress aplenty but actually I think I got burned out from deadline and production knitting.  The Ravelympics and knitting all those cozies did me in and I actually became more interested in cleaning the house than knitting!  Egads!  Of course the early spring weather contributed to that feeling but it's amazing how much I can get done when I put down the needles.  Which reminds me of a song, do you remember this one?

I can imagine Hoots the Owl singing, "You gotta put down the needles if you want to have a tidy house." 

Check out what I found in the "Letters" section of the 1993 Winter Issue of Knitter's that I was browsing through the other day. "In your Fall, '92 issue you printed a letter from someone regarding the Fibernet computer network.  I own a PC but do not have a modem so am not able to access this network (also the phone bill would be a bit much!). . ."  At the risk of sounding like an old fogey - man, remember that!  Remember modems and paying by the minute for being online?  And look how far we've come.  Not just Ravelry but all the myriad ways the crafting community uses the internet is amazing.  What about Flikr and all the knitting magazines and sites and buying yarn online and blogging!  Wow. 

It really came home to me how crazy incredible the net is as a tool for communication when I was putting together the quarterly newsletter for my son's middle school.  So the different teams in the school and PTO committees and whoever else is interested e-mail's submissions to me.  These submissions have photos in them, links to websites and text.  I basically just cut and paste and format everything nice nice and add bookmarks and all so it's easy to move around.  Then I convert it to a pdf file, post it to the website, send an e-mail to the community so people know it's there (just one e-mail and just one e-mail address to type in), and all that amazing information is passed onto the parents and students.  Amazing!  Yesterday there were great photos of the kids in school and their projects and links to teenage brain development (very interesting) and so much more. 

It's mind blowing if you stop and really think about it. Whether you're knitting or wondering what your child is doing at school you can find really targeted information while sitting in your pjs drinking tea.  So much has changed since 1993.  I wonder what the next 17 years will bring?

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