Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I love podcasts. I've always loved talk radio from the CBC to NPR and podcasts are like a dream come true because I can pick and choose my favorite topics to listen to. I don't like all the podcasts I try because of course the whole thing is so personal but here are some of my favorites.

Topping the list is Brass Needles with Miss Kalendar because it combines my two favorite geekdoms - knitting and sci fi, especially Star Trek. And she's smart. I find smart people so much more interesting to listen to. So I can listen to a whole lot of yakking on either of those subjects but I find Miss Kalendar and her friends can actually critique the sci fi and have some really neat ideas. There's the time my kids and I played "Who's Spock" which helped them get through a 9 mile hike. And I find Miss Kalendar quite funny. I love when she cracks herself up. Her sense of humour must go along with mine. And she's introduced me to the steam punk world which I never knew much about but which I now find intriguing although I'm not even remotely considering a corset. http://kalendargirl.blogspot.com/

Also near the top is Dr. Gemma of Cogknitive, a podcast about knitting, crochet, spinning and psychology. Again, a smart, smart woman PLUS loads of compassion (but not the syrupy type) PLUS, again, quite funny. Of course I enjoy listening to people talk about their knitting and crocheting and spinning and that's cool but I love the Strategies section and have used and passed on lots of those strategies. My favorite was when she soothed us parents of teen agers saying that if we were even thinking about what to do with the kids and how to help them then they probably had a good chance of making it through those tough years just fine because hey, we're paying attention, we're trying, and we care. Fine Fine words for the parent of any teen to hear. Her Favorite Things section is amusing and surprisingly I find myself often enthralled by the stories of being a psychologist in a California prison. Fascinating stuff to me, really. Who knew? One word of warning, I know some people who don't listen to it because of the sound quality since she records in her car. I don't even notice it anymore but it's there. http://cogknitivepodcast.blogspot.com/

Another podcast I wait for impatiently is Stash and Burn. This is a more knitcentric podcast than the first two but is similar in its humour. I love when the ladies get laughing and man o man they know their way around the patterns of Ravelry. They have turned me onto more excellent patterns than any other person or podcast. They're very friendly and fun and light. I like the occasional sewing bits too. http://www.stashandburn.com/

I've just discovered the KnitCents podcast but the two episodes I listened to were really good. She's got some good ideas and keeps pretty much on topic. I'm looking forward to checking out her Ravelry group some time in my spare time. http://knitcents.blogspot.com/

I like Jackie on KIPing It Real. Her knitting content is good and I really enjoy the Flavor of the Week section. She's another podcaster that I usually cracks me up although I can't say why. I just feel like I've known her all my life and she lives down the street from me. http://www.kipingitreal.com/

No list of knitting podcasts would be complete without the Knitmore Girls podcast as Gigi and Jasmine are becoming the doyens of knitting podcasts. I wish I could go to knitting group with my Mom and so in part I live vicariously through the two of them. Besides which, Gigi truly knows her stuff and Jasmine is awesome. I like their sections, particularly When Knitting Attacks because hey, we've all been there and Mother Knows Best because I'm quite convinced that Gigi does know best and I learn something new all the time from them! And I love when the men sit in. http://knitmoregirls.blogspot.com/

Knit Science is often really interesting. She does some real research and I love her accent and the stories her little guy does. She is truly wonderful and another smart woman worth listening to. http://knitscience.blogspot.com/

That's probably enough for now. There are lots of new ones I'm checking into so I'll report more soon. Certainly there's more to listen to than time to listen.


  1. Wow! Thanks so much for listening, and your kind words. (Also, from my personal experience, she really, really does know best.)

  2. Thank you so much for listening, and for sharing your thoughts on my show! I am going to check out a few others on your list!!!

  3. Aw yay! Thanks for the plug. :D