Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Addi Turbo Spoilers


I'm working on my nephew's blanket for Christmas 2010.  I like how it's coming out but I'm suprised at how badly the needles and the yarn go together.  Here's the thing.  I've never been picky about my needles just prefering to take what was handy.  I've inherited lots of needles one way or another and never chosen to spend money splurging on expensive needles.  My motto was always "Make Do" and I never thought it mattered.  On most projects it probably doesn't.  But then I bought a 42" circular Addi Turbo size 1 because I wanted to try making two socks at once on one circular needle and that was the only 42" the lys had in stock.  The sock escapade is a story for another day and I want to try it again but suffice it to say that I didn't finish that pair of socks.  So I used the needle for some laceweight, hand dyed, alpaca/silk to make a scarf.  (Gorgeous by the way.  Mother's Day gift certificate yarn.  Yummmmy - here's the pic.

The needle was a dream.  An absolute dream and I choose it as often as I can.  I use it because it seems to grab the yarn of its own accord and it's smooth and yes, I get it now, hit me over the head with a 2x4, they're Turbo fast.

Then I started the Maplewing Shawl by Anne Hanson with the most gorgeous yarn from the Adirondak Yarn Company in autumn colors.  Here it is so far.
The photo of course doesn't do justice to the incredible yarn.  Again, I had to buy a new needle and ended up with an Addi Turbo because it was the only one in a size 6 long enough for 552 stitches.  And again . . . they amaze me with how smooth and sturdy they are.  It's a joy to work with them which, at 552 stitches per row is a very good thing.  I'm not afraid to admit that this might take me a couple of years to finish so it's a good thing I'm in love with the yarn and the needles.

And now the blanket.  There's a photo in my post of 2/7/10.  It's Lion Brand Homespun yarn which I think is great for kid blankets.  It's wears for years through dragging around, sleeping, and lots of washing as I've witnessed before.  And I generally have no problem knitting with it but I'm using some old plastic needles and I swear the yarn just sticks to them!  They're not too small, if anything they're on the large side because I wanted a loose, drapey, suvvy knit.  And yet I'm fighting with the blunt tips to get them into the stitches and shoving the left hand stitches forceably up the left needle.  I haven't found it this difficult to knit something in years.  Tomorrow before I pick it up again I'll check upstairs and see if I have any other size 15s I can try.  I can't, however, go out and buy another Addi Turbo just now.  But I think the other Addis I have may have spoiled it for me.  Oh cruds, don't tell me I've lost my "Make Do" mojo!


I'm brain dead this evening but I will say this.  Instead of napping this afternoon I did yoga and it was wonderful.  Somebody kick me the next time I don't do my yoga!  Also, working with kids is amazingly rewarding.  And some days incredibly, amazingly, unbelievably, insanely exhausting. 

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