Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And We Crafted

Yesterday I was able to get together with friends and craft all morning. It was glorious I tell ya, just glorious. Tea, cranberry muffins, talk of children and education and health and simplifying life and being happy.

These first two are made of paper and this was my first time using a die cutter that one of the ladies had. Man that was fun! So easy to do and my 7 yo says they looked really professional! (My photography, on the other hand, is not so professional - oh well.)

These next little guys are buttons and beads on a chenille stick modified from a Martha Stuart idea. Super cute.

These button wreaths are simple and so pretty! The best part of the idea (found here was to use a buckle for the ribbon. I had one for the wreath I did, on the right. My daughter did the one on the left which I will cherish forever - but I had no buckle for that ribbon. It's a perfect craft for kids. Thanks for bringing the buttons down Mom!

This one is much cooler than it looks. It's made out of the front of a recycled Christmas card which is a sparkly snow scene. The balls are jingle bells so it makes a pretty sound. I'll probably make a few more of these.

Now . . . where am I going to hang all these? My house is getting full.

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